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Why is it so great?

Keywex SEO and website optimization tool offers simple yet powerful solutions for website optimisation both in SEO and technical aspects. It is easy to use, and you will be able to find many options by in-depth learning our tool.

Keyword Tracking

Weekly analysis of keyword popularity, adsense campaign price, related keyword lists and much more.

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Website Content Audit

Find technical problems that keep you from ranking. Our website content audit report will uncover missed opportunities and important suggestions to improve overall website usability.

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Competitior Keyword Matrix

*Quickly discover opportunities to close the SEO gap between you and your biggest competitors.

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Who might be interested?

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Easy to use

Our tools does not require bachelor degree of engineering, they can be used by anyone.

No registration required

It is easy to try basics of Keywex tool - most popular of them are available anonymously without your email or other so called "free" registration.


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Premium support

*Our first-line tech support specialists and your dedicated account managers are always here to offer immediate and personalized assistance with any issue you might encounter.

Closed beta features

You might be the first who have access to the closed beta functionality of the Keywex marketing tool.

Affordable price

Not everyone trying to attract visitors at their web page is a huge corporation with monstrous budget. Our prices are the lowest on the web. Every cent will work for you.

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Keywex for Enterprise clients

*Go above and beyond conventional marketing with unlimited access to analytical data, custom reports and team-based projects.

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Build Keywex Data Into Your App With Our API.

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